A Database of Polysachharide 3D structures

By A. Sarkar & S. Pérez


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PolySac3Db© allows searching for structures in two distinct modes, namely -

1. Discover : Introduces the polysaccharide family to the user before presenting its structure.

2. Expert : Re-directs the expert to the abstract & structural details of the respective polysaccharide (by-passing the introduction).


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Discover Agarose

Agarose (Single)                               Expert

Agarose (Double)                             Expert

Agarose-model -1, 2, 3, 4                 Model-1   Model-2   Model-3   Model-4


Discover Alginates

Poly-α-Guluronic Acid                      Expert

Poly-β-L-Mannuronic Acid               Expert

Molecular models of Alginates           Expert

Amyloses & Starch

Discover Starch

A Starch                                                                 Expert

A Starch (Revisited)                                                Expert

B Starch                                                                  Expert

Amylose DMSO                                                     Expert

Amylose KOH                                                        Expert

Amylose Triacetate                                                  Expert

Amylose tri-O-ethyl (TEA3)                                    Expert

Amylose V                                                              Expert

Amylose V and propanol complex                            Expert

Molecular models of amylopectin (27)                      Expert

Starch nanocrystal I (modelled structure)                  Expert

Starch nanocrystal II (modelled structure)                 Expert

Bacterial Polysaccharides

Dextran (high T polymorph)                                              Discover          Expert

Dextran (low T polymorph)                                               Discover          Expert

Exo-polysaccharide (Burkholderia cepacia)                   Discover          Expert

Group B meningococcal α-(2,8)-linked sialic acid              Discover          Expert

M41 Capsular Polysaccharide (Escherichia coli )           Discover          Expert

O-antigenic polysaccharide (Escherichia coli 1303 )       Discover          Expert

O-antigenic polysaccharide (Escherichia coli O5ab)       Discover          Expert

O-antigenic polysaccharide (Escherichia coli O5ac)       Discover           Expert

O-antigenic polysaccharide (Escherichia coli O65)         Discover          Expert

Capsular Polysaccharide (Rhizobium trifolii )                Discover          Expert

Gellan Native K (Native Gellan Potassium)                        Discover          Expert

Gellan K (Potassium Gellan)                                              Discover          Expert

Gellan Li (Lithium Gellan)                                                  Discover           Expert

RMDP17                                                                          Discover          Expert

Welan (Welan-Ca)                                                            Discover          Expert

Xanthan                                                                            Discover          Expert


Discover Carrageenans

Iota Carrageenan                                   Expert

Iota Carrageenan (Na salt)                     Expert

Kappa Carrageenan                               Expert


Discover Cellulose

Cellulose I α                                         Expert

Cellulose I β                                         Expert

Cellulose I triacetate                              Expert

Cellulose II                                           Expert

Cellulose II hydrate                               Expert

Cellulose II hydrazine                            Expert

Cellulose II triacetate                             Expert

Cellulose III1                                        Expert

Cellulose IV1                                        Expert

Cellulose IV2                                        Expert

Cellulose microfibrils                             Expert

Chitins and Chitosans

Discover Chitins & Chitosans

Chitin I (Chitin β)                                             Expert

Chitin II (Chitin α)                                            Expert

Chitosan (anhydrous)                                       Expert

Chitosan (High Temperature Polymorph)          Expert


Discover Curdlans

Curdlan I (Native)                Expert

Curdlan II                            Expert

Curdlan III                           Expert

Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs)

Discover GAGs

Chondroitin 2KQO (unsulphated)                                 Expert

Chondroitin 4-sulphate Ca                                            Expert

Chondroitin 4-sulphate K                                              Expert

Chondroitin 4-sulphate Na                                            Expert

Dermatan 4-sulphate I  Na (allomorph I)                       Expert

Dermatan 4-sulphate II  Na (allomorph II)                     Expert

Dermatan 4-sulphate III  Na (allomorph III)                  Expert

Hyaluronate I Sodium                                                   Expert

Hyaluronate II Sodium                                                  Expert

Hyaluronate III Sodium                                                 Expert

Hyaluronate I Potassium                                                Expert

Hyaluronate II Potassium                                              Expert

Hyaluronate III Potassium                                             Expert

Hyaluronate Calcium                                                     Expert

Hyaluronic acid helices (9)                                            Expert

Heparin (dp 12* : 1HPN)                                             Expert

Heparin (dp 18* : 3IRI)                                                Expert

Heparin (dp 24* : 3IRJ)                                                Expert

Heparin (dp 30* : IRK)                                                Expert

Heparin (dp 36* : IRL)                                                 Expert

Keratan-6-sulphate                                                       Expert


Galactoglucan                                        Discover         Expert


Galactomannan                                      Discover         Expert


Discover Glucomannans

Konjac Glucomannan                               Expert


Discover Mannans

Mannan I (electron diffraction)                 Expert

Mannan II                                               Expert

α-D-1,3-Mannan                                     Expert

Mannan dihydrate                                    Expert


Discover Pectins

Pectic Acid                                                                                                 Expert  

Calcium Pectate (Molecular Modelling)                                                       Expert

Sodium Pectate                                                                                           Expert

Molecular models of Polyuronides                                                               Expert

Arabinan (Molecular modelling)                                                                   Expert

Arabino-Galactan Type I  (Molecular modelling)                                          Expert

Arabino-Galactan Type II  (Molecular modelling)                                         Expert

RG I (Molecular modelling)                                                                          Expert

RG II                                                                                Discover          Expert


Scleroglucan                                             Discover         Expert


Discover Xylans

Xylan (β-1,3)                                           Expert

Xylan (β-1,4)                                           Expert


Nigeran                                                     Discover        Expert


Inulin hemihydrate                                     Discover        Expert

Inulin monohydrate                                    Discover        Expert

α-D-1,3-glucan                                         Discover        Expert

α-D-1,3-glucan triacetate                           Discover        Expert


Last Updated : April 24, 2012
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